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Size 1240 KB
License Shareware
Category 0 / 0
Operating System Windows
Developer Arafasoft

   Power Autoplay menu creator professional is easy tool for creating powerful autoplay menus without programming experience by Power Autoplay menu creator professional. you can create menus have buttons, photos, texts, html, flash files, RTF files, GIF files, Hyperlinks, Hot spots, Timers, and more. The menu will pop up when your CDROM is inserted into the drive from menu you can launch applications, open documents, play movies, open web site, send Email, run built in slide show and do much, much more Is very user-friendly and easy to learn - less than 10 to understand it. Is best suited for creating software CDs, CD catalogs, CD presentations, CD photo albums and slide-shows, CD business cards and promotional CDs. It is an essential tool for software companies, retailers, photographers, designers, marketing and PR professionals. But you can use this tool at home as well to create family / wedding albums or home videos. Avid collectors may use this tool to create a CD catalog of the items they possess, search for, or would like to exchange with other collectors. Power AutoPlay Menu Creator some features: Just thinking, no programming. Easy to Use Custom Window Titles Mouse-Over Sound Effects Video Object Image Object Label Object Button Object Interactive Objects Send Email Action Make CD Business Cards Custom Windows Shapes Publish to Web/Email Executable Open Website Windows Shutdown Splash Image Play Multimedia Files Display Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents Protect menus from being modified by others with password Option button control. Comes with many templates (Over 20). Easy testing without burning on disc. Hot spot support in your menu Page have action when Loaded Internal slide show (by Action) Support multi-page window, shaped window and full screen window. Explorer CD or folder on CD (Actions) Computer Restart & Shutdown (Actions) Resize window in run time

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